Yokohama Office:

3-16-18, Hayabuchi,
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-Ken,    JAPAN-224-0025
TEL 045-593-0145
Mobile 090-3514-5451     
FAX 045-593-0745

Toyama Branch:

317-1 Inazumi,
TEL: 0766-55-5504
FAX: 0766-55-5514


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Welcome to Sei Trading Corporation!

Since 1988 Sei Trading Corporation has been proud to call itself your friend. Our Friendly Business caters to individuals, families, businesses and professionals. We carry all kinds of Japanese vehicles like cars, vans, buses, commercial vehicles from major manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Hino, Daihatsu and others.

Our staff completing some of the complex export procedures at our office.

We also have one of the largest Japanese auction facility to help our business families outside Japan. No matter what your needs are we have your car. We offer the professionalism of a high volume modern facility combined with a solid reputation of strong customer service and good value. Stop by today and find out why we have been driving customers happy since 1988.    

Participation  in Japanese Auction

We have full access to all of the Japanese Auction Houses, Rental & Lease Companies, Tender Auction Houses.

Fully equipped with modern IT systems, our numerous auction desks are busy throughout the day bidding at various auctions simultaneously.


We have access to the local Japanese used vehicle owners who advertise in Yahoo Auctions, and we can negotiate in the local Japanese language to satisfy both buyers and sellers. We can access more than 100 Used Cars Magazines of Japan, to directly phone the showroom advertiser to get your favorite vehicle for export. We can also access vehicles from Japanese junkyards and Insurance companies, wherever a car goes after it is disposed of by the end user in Japan. No matter where the car goes from the end user, we are there: just let us know your requirement in detail with price, and we will get it for you.   We also supply Spare Parts and Accessories.

We are affiliated with various Japanese Automobile organizations 
We have links to all Japanese port and custom authorities, ensuring smooth shipment of your vehicles from Japan. We provide 100% Japanese Deregistration Certificates (Masho Tohon) to all of our customers.

Our Toyama showroom and office, where we stock a variety of cars for buyers

from Russia and other countries.


VIPs list
If you wish to receive our updated list of available vehicle on a daily basis, you are welcome to join our VIP LIST. Please send us an email with your details.


"We look forward to assisting you with your vehicle search and adding you to the list of satisfied customers of Sei Trading Corporation. Our customers love the way we take care of their automotive needs. Remember, we not only want to earn your business today, we want be your automotive partner for all your vehicle needs into the future"               

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